3º ESO. Optional project. India

I upload the optional project for 3º ESO.

INCREDIBLEINDIA A)Go to this page and discover this new country http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/india/ Geography: Paste a map of India in (Read more…)

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2º ESO. Optional project. United Kingdom

I upload the optional project for 2º ESO.

UNITEDKINGDOM Surfthis website and answer the questions: http://projectbritain.com/ FACTSAND FIGURES ABOUT THE UK Situation Countries in the UK Flag Type of (Read more…)

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1º ESO. Unit 2. Communicative revision. Part 2.


16.away=fueraa lot of=mucho (os)around=alrededorknow=saberto pick=coger safe=seguromore=más can=poderfun=divertido block=bloquestreets=calles neighbour=vecino lots of=mucho (os) if=si bored=aburrido help=ayudaryoung=joven concierge=conserje

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Vocabulary of unit five


nomads-nomada village-pueblo travellers-viajeros quiet-tranquilo nomadic-nomadico isolated-aislado busy-ocupado urban-urbano healthy-saludable ferryman-barquero passengers-pasajeros worthless- sin valor stressful- estresada peaceful-pacifico useful-util successful-exitoso useless-inutil hopeless-sin esperanza restless-inquieto circus-circo lawyer-abogado brand-marca wonderful-maravilloso lifestiles- estilos de vida certain -cierto pollution- contaminacion poverty-pobreza child labour- trabajo infantil

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2º ESO. Solution to the verbs revision

2º ESO A(March, 2012)/ 3º ESO A (October,2011) SOLUTIONTO THE VERBS REVISION TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH Am I? You sing Does he live? Do they live? We speak He didn’t get (Read more…)

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Welcome Spring!!

Spring is here!! So let´s celebrate it!! In our classrooms, Marini, our language assistant has told us different stories about Spring and Easter. We have been decorating our (Read more…)

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The three little pigs

Here are some photos of out trip to see «The three little pigs». Carla and Agustin helped build the brick house! Thank you to the parents that helped us cross (Read more…)

look both ways

Here is 3B with their version of «look both ways».

Vocabulary of U smilie

Yeah : Sí I’d : ‘d : – Ría – cantaría , jugaría  Ain’t = There heven’t : No hay  Wait : Esperar  Way : Manera , forma  Ever : (Read more…)

Olá, desde Olivença.

A mi me gusto la escuela; era muy grande y bonita .Aprendimos muchas cosas y habia niños muy interesantes.Fue todo espectacular y tambien me gusto los juegos que hicimos (Read more…)