2ºESO. Ecuaciones

Os dejo una última ficha de repaso del tema. Incluye ejercicios con cada una de las técnicas que debéis controlar. He puesto también las soluciones.Si tenéis dudas, las resolvemos (Read more…)


Today, the four year olds went for a walk around the school, looking for anything magnetic. They had lots of fun!


Today the 5 year olds answered the question: what do we want to know about magnets?

Oscar: if a ball gets stuck in a tree, can a magnet get it (Read more…)

Les élèves de français font "Théâtring"

Une bonne cinquantaine d’élèves de français de notre lycée, 2º ESO A, ·3º ESO A, ·3º ESO B,.·3ºESO C et 4º A ont joui d’une activité motivante et divertissante (Read more…)

peace week

Here are some photos of the children on the stage, reciting a poem and singing the ‘How are you?’ song. They did a fantastic job!


The 4 and 5 year olds are learning about magnets for the science project.

The 5 year olds are doing different activities:Science table: testing objects to see if they (Read more…)


¿Qué sucede al calcular 1/998001?Como ya sabemos, es un número racional, y por tanto exacto o periódico. Pero… cuáles son las «primeras» cifras.

Curiosamente salen todos los números entre (Read more…)

Shadows: what do we know?

Today the 3 year olds began learning about shadows. Some children complained they didn’t have a shadow, while others said they did.

Some of the children who think they have (Read more…)

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Magnets: What do we know?

Today the 4 and 5 year olds began to learn about magnets.

Here are some responses to the question we asked: WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT MAGNETS?4 year olds:

(Read more…)

Vocabulary of bullying

Pick on=Meterse con