Thanksgiving Day.

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day in our school and we did some handcrafts.

Firstly, we did a big turkey whose feathers were painted with the hands of children. Children of each course painted their hands with a different colour…

We also made a pumpkin, where children wrote everything why they are thankful: family, friends,

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CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!For that reason we are preparing some activities in order to do with children in our school.One activity will be make a Christmas Card inspirated in our village. Here you are the instructions :

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English Money



Last Thursday, in our school we celebrated Thanksgiving Day!!As you know , Thanksgiving Day is an american festivity . Families spend their time together , have lunch and have fun.A wonderful way to understand this day is watching the following videos:

Some jokes …….

Beside our children

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Los días 17 de octubre y 15 de noviembre los alumnos de segundo y primero respectivamente visitaron la Biblioteca Municipal, y en ella pudieron disfrutar de un bonito cuentacuentos y visualizar una nueva colección de libros de valores, bajo el nombre » Ver, oír y…. hablar».

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Present Continuous practice 4

Questions in the Present Continuous tense… Click on the pictures… ————————————————————————————————————————–

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Present Continuous game 2

Everyboby knows «The Hangman game» Click on the picture to play and review the present continuous tense…

Present Continuous game 1

Click on the picture and enjoy this nice game to review the present continuous tense