Happy ELD

Celebrating European Day of Languages

Listening Practice: Saira is talking about her family.

 Vamos a escuchar un listening sencillito sobre la familia.

Shaira is talking abour her family.

Click and listen. Then answer the questions.

Listening Practice: I love sports

 Vamos a escuchar este «Listening» sobre los deportes y las rutinas.

Listen about sports and answer the questions.

Click on the picture.

Listening Practice: Numbers to 30. 2

 Escucha los números desde el 20 al 30 y elige el número correcto.

Listen the the numbers and choose the right number from 20 to 30.

Numbers: the 20s, an interactive worksheet by MariuGuerra



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Reading Comprehension: My family 1

 Read about Ben’s family and the animlas they like.

Reading Comprehension: A famous singer, Ariana Grande

Read about Ariana Grande and answer to the questions. 💕 Reading test – Ariana Grande, an interactive worksheet by clarinhaliveworksheets.com


Comparative and Superlatives Review 1

 Un repasito a los grados comparativo y superlativo.

Comparative and Superlatives Review

Listening Practice: Ordinal numbers

 Escucha y marca el número ordinal correcto

Listen and choose the right ordinal number.

Ordinal numbers, an interactive worksheet by covwushareliveworksheets.com


Listening Practice: Numbers to 30.

 Escucha y une los números hasta el 30.

Listen and match.

Numbers 20 to 30, an interactive worksheet by almudenapp



Listening Practice: Choose the right number to 20.

 Primero puedes escuchar los números. Luego debes elegir el correcto

First of all, listen to the numbers, then choose the right one.

Listen and choose the correct one, an interactive worksheet by Bego79



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