Poésies de Jacques Prévert

Etudier le FLE , c’est aussi passer par les poèmes de Jacques Prévert. Qui était-il? Magazine Jacques Prévert  (Source: https://www.idkids.fr/kids-mag/infos-et-actus/decouvertes/poetique-comme-prevert)  Je te présente quelques poèmes que tu peux lire, écouter et regarder 🙂 Déjeuner du matin  Il a mis le café Dans la tasse Il a mis le lait Dans la tasse de café Il (Read more…)

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Third Term Speaking: 1º Bilingual Section

This term is quite different from the others since we are living a new experience. Due to the Covid-19, the closure of schools has affected all of us, both teachers and students. However, we are trying to do our best in order to improve our skills through online lessons.

Students have worked individually, in

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Lien aux Sites de mes élèves pendant le confinement :)

Lien du Sites Collaboratif

Défis pendant le Confinement :)


Exemple d’un des défis (Métro Confinement)

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This coved-19 crisis is making us anxious. We’re teleworking, looking after our dear ones and fighting to avoid catching the disease. Well, in times like this, it is the ties of love which make us stronger.  If we keep in touch with the people who love us the most, we will be able to face

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It is time at last to know who the winners are. As we must stay at home, it is impossible for us to give the prizes during a ceremony, as was originally intended. However, you will be given the prizes as soon as possible. It is a great pleasure for me to announce the winners


eTwinning School Label


Congratulations! Your school has been awarded with the eTwinning School Label 2020-2021 and this is a great achievement by the eTwinning team in your school! The official announcement will be made on the eTwinning.net Portal this week and on other eTwinning and European Commission’s news channels. What’s next You can proudly

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Un dibujo muy ilustrador de nuestro compañero Ramón Besonías

Herramientas TIC para hacerle frente a la situación

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Inmersiones lingüísticas en lengua inglesda en Extremadura (2020)


Por resolución de 4 de marzo de 2020, de la Secretaría General de Educación, se han convocado para el verano de 2020, inmersiones lingüísticas en lengua inglesa en Extremadura para el alumnado de 6º de Educación Primaria, E.S.O., Bachillerato, Formación Profesional Básica y Formación Profesional de Grado Medio.

Tríptico informativo Programa inmersiones

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