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On 30th January, we will celebrate International Day of Peace at school. For this reason, students from three years to sixth grade painted a big mural with famous peace quotes in English and Spanish.

Children from first to sixth grade practised and sang a song about peace, called «I’ve got peace in my fingers». Here you have the video. We (Read more…)


We made some crafts for celebrating Christmas and decorating our school.

For example, we wish Merry Christmas in different languages.

Children made a christmas at home for participating in a competition. The winners were chosen for decorating the programme of Christmas Festival.

And finally, in Arts class, we made a snowman which children carried home.

WE WISH YOU A MERRY (Read more…)

Thanksgiving Day.

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day in our school and we did some handcrafts.

Firstly, we did a big turkey whose feathers were painted with the hands of children. Children of each course painted their hands with a different colour…

We also made a pumpkin, where children wrote everything why they are thankful: family, friends, school…

Finally, we coloured a (Read more…)